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Creating Responsive Joomla Template for JA Directory
Posted by admin on Aug 28, 2015 |

JA Directory is a Joomla Template. It can also be considered as a responsive Joomla 3 template created and designed for a Directory website. It has got its power by the new T3 Framework and supports K2 component It should be remembered that JAK2 search and commercial filter component works in synergy with mapping in JA Directory template.

It is really great to experience using search and filter content. Search and Filter is one of the most important characteristics of a Directory website, in JA Directory. You need to learn using JA K2 search and filter component which is implemented for the search and filtering. Particularly, the filtered locations or directory are mapped with Google Map and moreover, you have the power to tailor the location icon in the Google map.update-the-latest-joomla-version

It is also important to know Quick Directory Filter Navigation. Apart from the main menu, the JA Directory encompasses a particular navigation for Directory under the main menu. Remember the navigation includes a list of Directory types.  It is necessary to support ACM (Advanced Custom Module) to build content in easier way. In the context of JA ACM module, ACM is a new means to create content for your site. You will find 9 content types supported in JA Directory. These types include pricing table, slideshow, call to action, each content type, features-info. Every content type includes diverse content fields. You just need to add values for the fields.

Have you learnt to use powerful menu system? JA Directory provides supports to use multiple menu systems such as Dropdown menu and Megamenu for Normal layout (Desktop) and Large layout, Off-canvas sidebar and Boostrap dropdown menu in small and extra small layout especially for Tablet and Mobile as in Mobile. The menu must be simple and clear to enhance performance.

The Joomla website template includes multiple extensions to apply characteristics of Directory website. These extensions are JA Advanced Custom Module, JA Masshead Module, JA Twitter Module, JA K2 Filter component (requiring JAEC Membership), and T3 Framework Plugin.

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